Shawn Haddock

Director of IT & Product Support, Senior Field Applications Specialist

Get to Know Shawn

Shawn is responsible for managing three departments at S-5!: Warranty & Product Support,  Layout & Design, and Videography & IT, while also working as a field technician with contractors and installers. He is also known as the go-to guy for training staff, customers and installers.  

He has been with S-5! since its inception and is the company’s first employee. With a background in steel erection and metal roof installation, he has held many titles over the years but first began with S-5! packing widgets and in R&D.  

Shawn is a key relationship emissary for S-5!, helping contractors in the field understand the company’s products and how to do it “the right way®.” 

He is particularly talented at implementing state-of-the-art systems/solutions to accommodate company needs such as at the S-5! Product Support System. His broad field experience and product expertise is foundational in working with installers, who respect his know-how and appreciate his friendly smile and quiet, confident demeanor.    

Shawn is passionate about metal and the metal construction industry.  He actively participates in the Metal Construction Association and has attended METALCON since he was 17. 

When he is not at work, Shawn enjoys carrying on family traditions with photography, horses and chasing rodeo competitions along with his children who are quite accomplished in their events. As a former bull rider, calf roper and team roper, Shawn also trained Bactrian camels in his younger days. 

Industry Associations

  • MBMA
  • MCA 

Notable Accomplishments

  • MCA Triumph Award Winner for Young Movers and Shakers, 2017
  • Created a first-rate product support system at S-5!