Jon Moss

Product Development Engineer

Get to Know Jon

Jon develops products according to the needs of the marketplace, while evaluating their manufacturability, ease of installation and cost-competitiveness. He has particular expertise in product development, process improvement, quality management and material processing.

Jon started as a manufacturing engineer at the S-5! manufacturing facility in 2018 and moved to the corporate office in 2019. He is passionate about problem-solving and devolving solutions with S-5!’s best interest in mind.

He performs a variety of mechanical testing, as well as other scientific studies, in addition to back-end management and consultation for S-5!’s various quality testing and other accreditations.

With formal training in manufacturing engineering as well as hands-on material processing and mechanical expertise, he understands not only how things are manufactured, but how they are manufactured efficiently, and has a keen sense for recognizing potential issues in the manufacturing process.

In his free time, Jon enjoys all things outdoors. In 2017, he rode the Continental divide trail mostly off-road on his motorcycle from Mexico to Canada ~8k miles.


  • B.S. Manufacturing Engineering, Tarleton State University

Industry Associations

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Certified ISO Internal auditor

Notable Accomplishments

  • Process improvement
  • Implemented multiple cost-saving tooling and procedure improvements
  • Conceptualized/manufactured time-saving machines and processes to better manufacture and assemble projects
  • Worked with plant associates to implement new manufacturing equipment
  • Product development
  • Developed multiple new products, product improvement and pending patents
  • Quality management
  • Established proper procedures/documentation for the S-5! manufacturing facility