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Attach a Utility Mounting System to Your Metal Roof

Securing rooftop utilities, (satellite dishes, HVAC, etc.), often incorporate wood or steel/concrete blocking (for ballast). These methods are corrosive and compromise both the equipment as well as the integrity of the roof itself. Choose S-5! non-penetrating clamps, weathertight brackets, and/or GRIPPERFIX® for a durable and reliable solution that will last the life of the roof. 

Find the Right Products for Your Roof

Use the scenarios displayed beside each product to help you choose the compatible clamp or bracket for your junta alzada or exposed-fastened roof profile. 

Use the dashboard to the right to revise or edit your previously selected options. Please do not use the back button on your browser to return to the steps in your project.

Installations of S-5! Utility Mounting Systems

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Tips for Installing S-5! Metal Roof Attachments

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