Nik Holley

Senior Director of Research & Development

Get to Know Nik

Nik is a mechanical engineer with expertise in product development, design and sales. He has been instrumental in the development of multiple S-5! products, and his name is associated with some recent patents in its portfolio.

Nik joined S-5! in 2014 as a design engineer. He moved on to serve as Product Development Manager, while also filling a sales engineering and training role. Now Senior Director of Research & Development, he provides leadership, guidance and organization within R&D and cohesiveness across other departments.

Nik also leads the company’s product launch committee and serves as a liaison to all departments in streamlining and successfully bringing products from early design phase to product development, and to market. His passion and drive within the metal roofing and solar industries have allowed him to shine as a leader within the S-5! organization and associated industries.

When he is not at work, Nik enjoys fly fishing, camping, cooking, reading, music and guitar. He enjoys spending time with his dogs, exploring the mountains and outdoors, and tinkering with inventions, cars and home improvement projects


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado

Industry Associations

  • ASTM
  • MSMC

Notable Accomplishments

  • Instrumental in negotiations of the Research Bulletin, with respect to mounting PV modules on junta alzada metal roofs in Los Angeles County
  • New products including RibBracket line, new CorruBrackets, SolarFoot, team effort on PVKIT 2.0 and projects including solar installation of S-5-M
  • Key developer of S-5! online calculators and tool development, ICC lab testing methods IAPMO snow retention testing guidelines and report
  • Organization and streamlining of R&D processes